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In mental health, when the word sober is mentioned, it does not mean the mood of a person who is moved to tears. It also does not mean the state of a person who just refrained from being angry.  

Sobriety is basically a condition of an individual who has broken free from addiction. This is regarded as the most important phase in addiction recovery or addiction treatment.

The moment an individual has agreed with the fact that he or she has an addiction problem, that moment of realization is usually regarded as the first step to being sober.

Addiction has the capacity to affect anybody, even those who are regarded as top-guns in their fields. This is one of the reasons why there is a decline in productivity in the workplace.

One of the reasons why it is important for an employee to be sober is because, it is always an opportunity to meet up with other professionals who be sober.

When you are always around professionals who are sober, it means that there is a high tendency for you to always remain sober, and relapse would be prevented.

In addition to this, an employee who is sober would always be punctual and regular to work. Someone who is addicted would find it difficult to keep up with the demands of work.

A professional who is addicted would not be serious, and he or she stands the chance of losing his or her job.

Another reason why it is necessary for employees to be sober is he or she would be open to more jobs and tasks. More people would be open to giving you jobs because they trust your discretion alongside with your sense of reasoning.

There would also be a chance for you to focus properly on your career. There would be the motivation for the person to have a good name in their career. What makes this very amazing is because, there is no use of addictive substance in play.

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