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Having a workplace which is devoid of drugs, and ensuring that the entire staff and management alike, upholds the ethics of an ideal workplace, is one of the best things which can happen to a company or organization. A drug free workplace is one where the employed staff are mandated to adhere to the programme and the policies alongside the activities which are in place to ensure that the workplace is kept safe, and free from substance abuse.

It is also an environment which would readily accept workers who have in times past suffered from drug abuse, but have been able to undergo proper treatment which has aided their recovery. A drug free workplace is one which has the basic aim of educating employees on the various issues which ae related with substance abuse, also comprising the adverse effects which could be damaging to the health, home, career and relationship of an individual.

Research has shown that a good number of people who suffer from substance abuse either have full or part-time jobs. This implies that they do not have the means of ensuring that their usage of drugs does not affect them, as it can be expected that drug abuse can transcend to other aspects of an individual’s life.

As an employer of labour, some of your workers might be hooked on hard drugs or possibly prescription drugs, and the only effective way of ensuring that this is prevented, is to come up with a drug free workplace programme.

It does not imply that you either suspect or blame any of your workers, it only shows that it is the most productive way of preventing consequences which could be related to the usage of drugs, and this could be in form of accidents, greater health care expenses, decreased productivity, reduced profits and an environment which would be tensed.

Having a drug-free workplace programme has a lot of benefit for you as an employer and it also benefits your employees as well, as the environment becomes safer and more productive for everyone. It should be known that for a workplace to be regarded as industrious, there is a need to prevent the usage of drugs.

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