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Different organizations, professions, and industries usually have their own ethical standards on what is being defined as right or wrong, based on certain set of rules. Putting aside the standards of organizations and profession, every work place has to observe some fundamental ethical principles that are capable of sustaining them. Some of such ethical principles are competence at work place as regards the services that are being provided, being confidential enough for stakeholders to entrust their information, integrity – trust and honesty.
Bringing drugs into the work place is an act that is unethical according to moral principles and ethical standards. People that often operate under the influence of drugs do not tend to always do what is right, as regards providing service to the interested parties. Talking about the influence of drugs on employees; there are also prescription that works to the benefit of the work place, and at the same time, some do not.
Drugs and their effects in the work place
Employees at workplaces are humans and as such are subject to falling ill or weak. Employees could decide to take pain relievers to reduce pain and tiredness, and also antibiotics to deal with some infections and diseases in the body, which is a very good way to keep fit and always be available at work. However, some people often take drugs to make themselves hyperactive and intoxicated, which will usually cause disdain to the organization or profession.
The act of bringing hard drugs into the workplace may seem not too realistic, but when thoroughly investigated, it is often found in all levels of organization. Managers and owners of organizations should take precautions against this, because when drugs are being brought into the place of work, everyone tends to suffer from it. Improper use of drugs could make employees misbehave and mishandle documents and information that are very vital and important to the organization, which would cost the stakeholders greatly.
Precautionary measures to curbing drug involvements in the workplace
Drugs and alcohol in the workplace normally do not promote better results, but creates catastrophic issues for the employee and the whole company at large. It is important that there are strict rules that will be responsible for curtailing the use of drug in the workplace. Aside from making the rules, there is a need for setting up a disciplinary committee to that effect, to ensure rapt compliance.
Employees and other stakeholders should be delivered detailed understanding about the use of drug and the effects as well. And for those that are already addicted to drugs, the organization should make proper arrangement for treatments.

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